Commercial — Warehouse

KAPPA Warehouse Building

Cottage Grove, MN 

20,000 square foot one level office industrial building. Broadview Builders established a design team for the civil, landscaping, architectural and structural documents as prepared by Progressive Architecture and BKBM Engineering. The project consisted of eight unit bays, each with front and rear doors as well as an overhead garage door. Structural materials for the project included insulated precast concrete wall panels, clear span steel joists and a metal deck. The mechanical and electrical were a design-build project. During the development stage, Broadview Builders assisted the owner in researching potential land options. Broadview also presented various types of building choices which included seven different conceptual drawings and pricing proposals.

D&T Commons Building

Woodbury, MN

3,500 square foot addition. The architectural brick building required modification of an existing restaurant facility to accommodate a new four-unit retail mall. It also included new parking lot requirements, sidewalks, a new roof and roof top units throughout, as well as a new fire alarm system. Broadview Builders started the project within three days of being awarded the project and completed on schedule.

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