Office Remodels

Lexington City Hall Secured Entrance

City of Lexington, MN

Broadview just completed the secured entrance for the Lexington City Hall. Adding walk-in separation for administration and the city offices. Providing a comfort and safe environment for the staff. Secured entrance with electronic keyed entrance.

Real Estate Office Remodel

North Oaks, MN

Broadview performed multiple interior remodels at the real estate office location. By removing office partitions Broadview made room for a new tech area and conference rooms. The remodeled area totaled 7200 square feet and all work was performed during business operations. Being able to use negative air pressure allowed agents to conduct business with limited disruption. In addition, the work was coordinated with the owner to vacate each office for 36 hours to patch, paint, carpet and replace lights.

Fed Ex

Manager’s Office Expansion
Rosedale, MN

Broadview provided two new offices within the current office area while it was occupied. The work involved operating under the owner’s security program. This included working with security badge access only, scheduled controlled deliveries, and control dust and noise during business operations.

SmartThings, Inc.

Office Remodel, Mpls.

Broadview worked closely with the architect, city, and owner to preserve the old building architectural detail and provide a new high tech contemporary look. The work consisted of a 8,600 square foot office remodel on the second and third floor. It was completed with two break rooms and a restroom with a shower facility. This remodel was complete in 6 weeks. Broadview worked with other neighboring business in sharing an elevator during construction duration and activities.

Hummingbird Floral & Gifts

Shoreview, MN

A small-scale retail remodel.

Office/Warehouse Remodel

Blaine, MN

Broadview Builder’s shop is located in Blaine, MN. It is comprised of salvaged materials from numerous projects and modified to provide a contemporary shop in the ten-acre storage and shop facility.

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